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SprayPlus wants to help you eliminate your fears of living in your house with scorpions. Our spraying does work very well to eliminate nesting areas but when the problem is just too severe we can seal your house.


Scorpions can be seen coming out of the air vents in your ceiling and can fall into cribs and other unwanted areas. When you see one there is usually many more traveling inside your walls.


All products are designed to withstand the heat and will not be an unsightly mess to your investment. Our goal is to seal your house so that you feel safe against bugs in your home. We will protect your family’s health and your investment.


Seal all areas that scorpions can enter in to your home. This will also be very affective for roaches, spiders, crickets, ants, mice, rats and many other unwanted bugs. The exterior areas will also help prevent against Africanized Bees which can save you hundreds of dollars if a bee treatment is needed.

Interior – areas to be sealed

Air Ducts (screen, tape, or silicone)
Fresh air fans (screen, tape, or silicone)
Seal off dryer vents and lines
All fixtures on wall (alarms, wall plates, thermostat, cable outlets, etc)
Attic entry points
Kitchen sinks, pipes and cabinets (may pull out oven and dishwasher)
Behind refrigerator
Baseboards as needed throughout the house
All entry doors – replace or fix sweeps, adjust trim seal or add new type seal to prevent entry

Exterior – areas to be sealed

Exterior door frames will be sealed
Eaves as needed per house
All windows as needed
All exterior fixtures attached to the walls – doorbells, lights, plates, pipes, wires, A.C. lines, air vents, and much more
Brick walls upon request – this prevents hiding and breading areas
Structural cracks in stucco or brick (proper materials used to blend wall texture)

All materials used are low visibility and are very durable and will not affect the appearance of your home. We do not use spray foam!

We give a 5 year warrantee against all areas treated on house. We also have no problem come back out if a light has been change later and it needs to be seal again. We understand that there will always be things to do on your home and SprayPlus Pest Control will be there to help your family stay safe in your home.

WARNING: Please choose your company carefully. Avoid unsightly messes on your home caused by spray foam. Make sure all areas will betreated properly and with the materials needed.

The final step to effectively eliminating your scorpions is to have your house sprayed properly. This will ensure that the exterior of your home does not become infested and create a breeding ground for the scorpions to multiply.

At SprayPlus Pest Control we have proven too many customers that our way of spraying is extremely effective for scorpions

While we are there we will continuously inspect our house sealing treatment to assure are done properly.

We will power spray yard and brick wall columns
Granulate moist areas as needed
Hand spray eves as needed
Interior will be hand sprayed along all baseboards
Under sinks
Top to bottom of the garage as well as all expansion joints.
All pipes and vents

The products that are used have minimal odor if any and are extremely effective in flushing out nesting areas with a quick knock down and a long lasting residual kill that will maintain any unwanted pests and help protect your children from the harmful sting of our native Bark Scorpions.

If your problem is severe you will see dead bugs throughout that night. When the spray comes in contact with a scorpion it will kill. That is why it’s so important to hit all areas. Once dried the scorpions will eat the crickets and die. This is seen up above in the picture. No food, less scorpions!

Scorpions hide under rocks or debris, and they live in crawl spaces.
They are active and they feed at night. The scorpions that are native to Arizona typically eat crickets, insects, spiders, and each other, if they are hungry enough.
They hide during the day. Check your shoes and your clothes before putting them on if you live in an area where there are likely to be scorpions.
If you live in an area where there is a lot of construction, you may be more likely to find scorpions inside because their outside habitat has been disturbed.
Scorpions can live for months on just water. Because they are looking for water, you may find them in or under sinks or tubs.

Scorpion Habits

Scorpions have an elongated body and segmented tail that is tipped with a venomous stinger. They have four pairs of legs and pedipalps with plier-like pincers on the end, which are used for grasping.

There are about 90 species of scorpions in the United States and an estimated 1500 species worldwide. There are more than 40 species in Arizona alone. In the western U.S., only one species of scorpion venom is considered very dangerous to humans. Yup, we have it right here in Arizona. It’s called the Arizona Bark scorpion. It is a straw colored or opaque and is usually less than 2 inches long. The Arizona Bark scorpion is most dangerous if the person stung has an allergic reaction.