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Hear what some of our clients have to say:

Blanca Canney

We’ve been with Spray Plus for over 10 years. They are very reliable, effective, affordable and provide great customer service. Mike has done a great job of managing whatever pest control issues we’ve especially ants.

Mary Wilson

We hired Spray Plus Pest Control over 6 years ago for both residential and business
pest control and have never regretted the decision. Mike’s not only reliable but
professional and knowledgeable about pest control. He’s gone above and beyond
on our home acreage by keeping the scorpions, mice and other pests under control.
If we have a pest problem whether at home or at our business, Mike can be
trusted to respond and treat the problem.

Steve Hamel

Spray Plus Pest Control has been a loyal vendor of mine for over 12 years and has served my commercial properties (high-rise office, retail, and multi-family) better than any pest control vendor I have encountered in my career. They offer the best value for the dollar and Mike and his team are prompt, reliable, thoughtful, and efficient. I would recommend them to anyone who only wants the best or A+++ service.

Kelly Kienle

We are so lucky to have found Mike and his Spray Pest Control company! We had a horrible scorpion problem when we first moved into our new house, and Mike saved the day. Really he saved us from moving! We haven’t seen a scorpion in over a year!! Mike is always professional, on time, and is up to date on the latest and best ways to keep little critters out of your home. If you’re looking for a new pest control company, please give Spray Pest Control a try.

Alleyn Ansay

This company is hands down one of the best in the Valley. The service and attentiveness of the owner and his workers can’t be beat! We had a huge bird problem about a year ago and they came out to fix the problem. Ever since that day, no birds and no disgusting bird poop everywhere. Even our immediate neighbors have noticed they don’t have birds on their houses too! I have also used them when I was buying my house. You have to have a termite inspection when you buy one, and I called them up and they came out right away! Great customer service every time I use them!

Amy Somma

I can’t say enough about how wonderful Mike with Spray Plus is. I contacted him when we bought a house near a mountain preserve. We were concerned about scorpions because our daughter had a near fatal reaction to a scorpion sting. Mike and team sealed our house. We also have him treat the exterior monthly. He has not only resolved our scorpion issue, he has eliminated all bugs and insects. The customer service is wonderful!!! Mike and team go above and beyond. I highly recommend Spray Plus!!

Heather Cantieri

Spray Plus has been servicing our property for eight years now. They are a friendly company, reliable, and effective. They gave us some tips on sealing our home to prevent scorpions from coming in, and after following their advice, we have had no problems with scorpions. We have the exterior of our property treated every month, and it works! I am so glad we have Spray Plus! They are professional and considerate to their customers. I would recommend Spray Plus to anyone who wants to get rid of unwanted pests!

Liza Richards

I have been a loyal Spray Plus customer for close to 4 years now. We used Mike to seal our previous home and continued to use him when we purchased our new home. Mike is great to work with–he really listens to your concerns and explains his processes very thoroughly. We have had scorpions at both homes (which I absolutely detest), and Mike has been amazing at managing and pretty much eliminating the problem. HE is responsive and willing to tailor the treatment to fit your needs. We had other pest control before, but nothing has compared! I recommend him all the time and will be a lifetime customer.

Anne Audia

We have used Spray Plus for the last four years and will keep doing so as long as we live here. Mike does a wonderful job — he is extremely efficient and reliable. His mix of chemicals and techniques of application truly work, and his advice on house sealing was greatly appreciated when we did some remodeling. Mike and Spray Plus give my family peace of mind.

Extremely happy with SprayPlus Pest Control! Would recommend to anyone with pest problems!

After living in my home for nearly 17 years with never seeing one scorpion I suddenly developed a problem with them. I called SprayPlus Pest Control and Mike came right over. He took his time and explained to me where they were coming from and what my options were to help tackle the problem. I decided to not only start spraying, but I also decided to seal my home. Mike came and spent the entire day crawling in cabinets and sealing all around inside them. He also replaced all my weather striping and made sure all my doors were sealed like a drum. I am happy to report that since calling Sprayplus Pest Control I have not seen one scorpion.

I highly recommend SprayPlus for all your pest control needs. They are not only reliable and courteous, but they are also very knowledgeable and take their time making sure they address any problems you may be having. I am extremely happy with the service that SprayPlus provides and would recommend them to anyone!

I highly recommend SprayPlus Pest Control

Mike Codere, with Spray Plus, has been coming to my home for about 12 years now.  He has always been very professional and done a great job.  He is trustworthy and goes the second mile.  I do not hesitate to highly recommend his pest control services.